Crowdfund Artists

SuperStArtist is here to help build community around artistic vision.  We welcome all creative endeavors and wish you luck in your venture!

ProductionMeeting Support

Before, during, and after your campaign, you can build a dynamic team of production professionals with resources at

Wave6180 Distribution

When you are ready to call it ready for distribution, we are all ready already to help you manage distribution.

Earn Money From Your Projects

The purpose of our entire platform is to empower artists with a set of tools to handle their project in dynamic ways.  We are just getting started so plese feel free to provide feedback HERE.

SuperStArtist Community

Ultimately, SuperStArtist and the rest of our platform is a community.  We are all real people with real lives using the smartest tools we can think of to get our gig done.  While there is an emphasis on funding and money here, the people are the ultimate resource so take advantage and be a good community member.

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